Meet Nicole Tocco Cardwell

Cardwell_headshotWhen Nicole finished her master’s degree in environmental management at Duke University, she set her sights on working for a company whose growth would mean something positive for this country’s food system.

She found that in Bon Appétit. After gaining experience in our kitchens as an operations manager, Nicole transitioned into the East Coast Fellow role with the Bon Appétit Management Company Foundation. (Read her post about what that was like.)

Now, as Manager of Strategic Initiatives, Nicole manages the Bon Appétit Fellows program, and works on projects related to social, environmental and transparency related  issues. spends her time speaking with guests at Bon Appétit cafes about the country’s most pressing food issues, working with our chefs and managers to solve sustainability problems in the field, and traveling to farms to learn more about their practices and the challenges that they face.